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Official Forum Rules
08-16-2011, 07:47 PM (This post was last modified: 07-17-2012 01:40 AM by Stephanie.)
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Official Forum Rules
As a member of's community, you are expected to observe the following rules and regulations.
  • Respect Zac, his family, and his friends. Bashing, bad mouthing, or otherwise showing a lack of respect for Zac, his family, or his friends is not tolerated. Please refrain from prying into Zac's personal life. If you have a feeling Zac would not like something discussed, don't bring it up.
  • Respect your fellow members. Attacking, flaming, and trolling are prohibited. Racial slurs, derogatory sexual comments, and other inappropriate or defamatory comments can result in a permanent ban. Members should conduct themselves civilly at all times.
  • Post in the correct forum. Each forum on this message board exists for a reason. When creating a thread, be sure the subject of your contribution matches that of the forum you are posting in. Repeatedly posting a thread in the wrong forum is a great indicator of carelessness. Everyone makes this mistake once or twice, but repeat offenders (especially you lazy people) will be disciplined.
  • Do not use excessive profanity. Censors are in place on the forum for a reason. We want Zac fans of all age to feel comfortable while surfing the forum. Please do not replace letters in swear words or rearrange them to trick our censors. Please also be aware that profanity in usernames is also against the rules.
  • Don't start an entire thread for the purpose of conversing with one other person; all you're doing is cluttering up the board. Use the private messaging system for this.
  • No cliques, groups, and exclusive threads. If you wish to create a thread for a group of friends, other members can post in this thread if they wish to do so. It is not fair for you to tell them to leave because it's "exclusive", the entire forum is open to everyone.
  • If your fan fiction writing contains material not suitable for children under the age of 13 (what you might commonly find in a movie rated PG-13), please include a warning before the first paragraph in your story. Suspect material includes violence, sexual language, and excessive profanity.
  • If you do not appreciate the writings of another author, close the thread and move on. Unless you are providing creative criticism that might be to the writer's advantage, keep your mouth shut. Rudeness and other dissonant behavior conducted in a negative spirit is inadmissible.
  • Plagiarism in any form is prohibited.
  • Signatures and avatars must be appropriate. Excessive violence, nudity, and profanity are all prohibited for use in signatures, signatures images, and avatars.
  • Keep your signature images within set guidelines. Creating images excessive in size not only causes the forum's tables to stretch but also causes those of us with dial-up connections to experience page-loading problems. Please do not be selfish by including huge graphics in your signatures.
  • Make sure that any signature graphic you wish to use does not exceed 600x300 pixels or 100 kilobytes. The system will not allow you to upload anything larger.
  • Do not use more than one image in your signature. (This rule excludes smilies.)
  • Those of you who wish to include text must limit yourselves to 8 lines or less in a relatively small font.
  • Never impersonate an official of Any user found to be impersonating an administrator or staff member will be permanently banned.
  • Do not attempt to gain access to another user's account. Forced entry into another user's account is prohibited. Impersonating another user after having secured access to their account is prohibited. "Password guessing" is prohibited.
  • Do not create multiple accounts and do not use multiple accounts pretending to be the same person. The staff have ways of finding this kind of stuff out and you will be banned, no questions asked.
  • Three Strike Rule: 1st offense= A written reminder on rule broken through PM. 2nd offense= Infraction and/or temporary posting privileges taken away or monitored depending on the offense. 3rd offense= Permanent banning
  • If you see something that doesn’t look right or seems inappropriate have it be, language, images or just something that makes you uncomfortable, report it, even in the Shout box.
    When you report, screen capture everything!
  • When posting, please use at least 5-10 words so the next person who reads has somewhere to go with the post. Saying “lol” or “Haha yeah” doesn’t help anybody keep the conversation going.
  • When a person is banned, they are banned for a reason. Whether it is temporary or permanent at that time they are not allowed on the forum and that counts towards comments as well.
    Do not post on a thread; create a new thread or post in the shout box something a banned friend has told you to write. It’s disobeying and going against what the Zefron Staff have set as far as posting for that person and if anyone on staff catches a member doing this, they will be disciplined by the three strike rule.
  • Do not block the Zefron Staff from your account. We need to have the ability to alert you of anything going on around the forum. It's also a hindrance when we need to send warnings privately. Without a PM everything will be public and that is not allowed. The 3 Strike Rule will again be used if we see a member purposely blocking a moderator/admin to make their job harder.
By posting here at, you agree to abide by the forum's rules, respect Zac, each other, and the site's administrator. If you see anyone breaking a rule or if someone is bullying you here at, please PM me.
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